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commissions and vocal arrangements

Allow me custom write a song or arrangement for your school ensemble or a special occasion?  It would be my pleasure to hear your wishes and design something that fits the scenario like a glove.  Poetry on the house!



One of my favorite things to do is write songs to a very specific prompt.  Something about hard parameters and a deadline is incredibly exciting and inspiring.  If you have an occasion you want to give a gift to someone that goes beyond a gift wrapped box, let's conspire a personalized song written expressly for you, or your recording project, or a wedding day or whatever special event you have coming down the pike.  The commission has a range of price points and levels.  Request a simple recorded song with basic accompaniment.  If you require a fully produced track and vocals by me, let's talk.  If you want a produced track that allows for you to record your own lead, we can set up an in-person or zoom meeting to discuss your goals.  

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I have been fortunate to belong to many different kinds of vocal ensembles throughout my life and so I love continuing to explore and come up with fresh ways to express the voice.  I have a nice collection of already published SATB and SSAA vocal arrangements that I would love for you to peruse.  It runs the gamut of pop, swing, brazilian and gospel. 


If you would like to commission an arrangement, please reach out to discuss the description of your group, goals and hopes for the chart.

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Not all my songs are published, but I'm getting there.  If you're interested in buying what's up on my site, or requesting a lead sheet for future publishing, don't hesitate to reach out.  It's all about product and demand.  I will say, it's a personal thrill when I hear other people sing my songs.  So don't be shy!  Visit the Shop to see what there!

Avalon - "Poetric tracks that shape a pastiche that is hip, intelligent and vibrant -  Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times
Circle in a Square - A Triumph!  The next time someone tells you that modern music is soulless, does not "speak" to the human condition, refer them to "Circle In A Square."  Lauren Kinhan and her ensemble has created music that  artfully and splendidly avoids labels such as jazz, pop or funk; this is music that connects on multiple levels with grace, fire and a mature understanding of how one navigates through the shifty terrain of modern life.
- Step Tempest, Richard B. Kamins
A Sleepin Bee - 41/2 Stars, Downbeat, Michael C. Bailey
It's a work rich with invention and focused intentions, neither fitting nor breaking a mold, but rather, reshaping one...Every single song in this collection hits a sweet spot of a different sort, but the most pleasing aspect of the recording is how it uncovers the stripped-down, soulful side of Kinhan's voice. - All About Jazz, Dan Bilawsky


Good is Comin' - A Song written expressly to invite and manifest good news with the 2020 Presidential elections.  Composing songs with a specific kind of intention is a challenge I love.  Allow me to write something for your upcoming event, commercial venture, or loved one.

Good is Comin' features Andy Ezrin on organ and Tim LeFevbre on bass.  I edited the video to include people who felt the same as I about beckoning hope and light back into our world.

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