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Every Live Show is thoughtfully curated and paired with stunning musicians who love to dive into Lauren's artistic view of the world and meet the demanding music with soulful partnership and precision.

A Sleepin' Bee - LIVE

Experience first hand the thrilling ride through Nancy Wilson's early legacy and how it moved Lauren to create this wholly artistic love letter to one of her early influences.  A swingin', bluesy and deeply moving concert.


A Night of Standards and Covers

If known music is a must, allow me to curate a night of standards and covers that will provide a listening experience that will at once be comfortable and provacative.  I like turning songs inside out and exploring the possibilities.  Even with covers, they can be uncovered.

laurenjoes10 7.jpg

Vocal Gumbo - LIVE

Vocal Gumbo is created by Janis Siegel of The Manhattan Transfer and Lauren.  We curate a night of music in NYC and include a beautiful flush of local vocalists.  If you would like to bring us to your town, we will work with you to celebrate your local community while singing a handful of songs ourselves.  Its a guaranteed joyful night of music.  Email for inquiries.


Circle in a Square - LIVE

Hearing this record performed live is a journey through the poet's distillation of life up til now.  Motherhood, marriage, traveling, loneliness, loss, worry, joy, it's all there layered in the notes, chords, words and grooves.


The Full Experience - LIVE

Perhaps my favorite show is mixing all my projects and songs together into a night that visits the chapters and inner recesses of my artistic journey and shares it in one night of music.  Guaranteed to please, prod and celebrate.


Visiting Guest Artist at your School

One of my favorite things to do is work with students and one of the quickest ways to light a fire under their wings is to bring in talent that will inspire, encourage and engage with them.  Bring me in to do a master class and a concert.  We will include the singers and bands in any way that works for your program.  Email me to brainstorm on ideas and music tailored for the experience.

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