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Ethereally Drenched in Stars:

This Level 2/3 Contemporary SATB chart is a super satisfying group piece to perform.  Lyrically visual and inspiring, featuring some hearty gospel modalities to dig into, this original composition is just the ticket to filling out a program or making a singular statement.  


I wrote this song celebrating the spirit of self and the star studded sky.  Spirtuality is personal, but everyone wants to believe we can heal, be better and ultimately "get along with time to spare."  That lyric comes from the song and it's perhaps a wish on my part to hope we can solve so many of our societal and environmental problems with enough time to enjoy them collectively, joyfuly and purposefully.  Or extract your own meaning for this song, there is lots to mine here.   Ethereally Drenched in Stars.... don't we all want a blanket like that?


I hope you and your group enjoy singing this song as much I did writing and arranging it.


Packet includes a basic Trio chart.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.

Ethereally Drenched in Stars - SATB

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