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Lauren Kinhan's debut recording in 1999 introduced a powerful storyteller to the world thanks to Phil Ramone and the team of producers that wrapped their ears and hearts around this break out record.  Phil signed Lauren directly after hearing her live set at NYC's historic The Bitter End and the rest is history.  Luscious story telling and a killer band plucked right from the stage and marched into the studio, Phil cried, don't change anything.  With the additional producing and mixing talents of Frank Filipetti, Rob Mounsey and Elliot Scheiner, this stunning recording is a thrilling ride and exciting look into this young artist on the rise.


This collection of music is from Lauren's early days in the NY music scene when she was deep into her singer/songwriter exploration before she joined New York Voices and then picked the ball back up after joining that legendary group.  Insight on becoming a internationally touring musician and practise at running and producing a band began to get fortified and refined, so upon the nudging of Ornette Coleman with whom Lauren recorded and toured with in 1996, she got back on her bike and began to put together a set of music to showcase.  Her dear friend from GRP days, Carl Griffin was at the forefront of bringing Lauren to the attention of Phil Ramone at the newly minted N2K Records.  It wasn't long before a deal was struck and discussions of producers began.  Knowing the set of music was done and the band was greenlit, Lauren chose to work with Frank Filipetti and Rob Mounsey to produce the project with Phil stopping in throughtout the recording process to offer his expert advise and wisdom.  These were heady days.  Frank mixed his 6 tracks and Elliot Scheiner mixed the 4 Mounsey productions.


Featured boldly on the record are Peter Eldridge on piano, Ben Wittman on drums,  Peter Calo on guitars, Zev Katz on bass and Clifford Carter on keyboards.  The first four are from the live band played at The Bitter End on that magical night.  Clifford added magical ambiance and richness in ways unexpected and gorgeous.  Additional special guests are Seth Farber on accordian on "Heaven and Earth"; a wonderful horn section on "Abelene Rose": Randy Andos, tenor trombone, Aaron Heick, alto saxophone, Cliff Lyon and Darmon Meader, tenor saxophone, a lusicous string quartet arranged by Rob Mounsey for "Ask Amelia": Elena Barere, Concert Master, Donna Tecco, violin, Sue Pray, violin and Jeanne LeBlanc, cello.  Additionally, background vocals from Mike Harvey, Peter Eldridge, Rob Mounsey and Lauren Kinhan are sprinkled liberally about.


Produced by Frank Filipetti and Phil Ramone (Tracks 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Recorded at Big House & Right Track, NYC and Snowbound Sound, Pawling, NY

Asst Engineers, Ken Feldman (Big House), Craid Boyce and Nick Carbone  (Snowbound) an Pete Karam (Right Track)

Mixed by Frank Filipetti at Chung King Studios and Right Track, NYC

Mix Asst, John Wydrycs


Produced by Rob Mounsey and Phil Ramone (Tracks 2, 4, 5, 10)

Recorded at Flying Monkey Studio, NYC

Engineered by Greg Rubin

Mixed by Elliot Scheiner at Presence Studios, Westport, CT

Mix Asst, Joe Peccerillo


Mastered at Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound

Photography Jon Nge yen

Art Direction Greenberg Kingsley, NYC

The Orchard, 1999


Track Listing:


1. All You Need (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Eve Nelson)

2. Forsaken Population (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Peter Calo)

3. Heaven and Earth (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Alan Roy Scott)

4. Welcome to the Show (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Eve Nelson

5. Are You Listening (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Eve Nelson

6. Mourning Lullabye (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Eve Nelson

7. Abelene Rose (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Peter Eldridge

8. Trouble Runs in the Family (Written by Lauren Kinhan and Peter Calo)

9. I Saw Love Today (Written by Lauren Kinhan)

10. Ask Amelia (Written by Lauren Kinhan)




Hardly Blinking

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