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There Alone Go I is a spiritual homage to love of self and faith in our ability to adapt, exist and let go.  This SATB vocal arrangement is accessible for beginning to advanced ensembles because there are lots of nuances to explore and the subject matter is universal to any age group in any stage of life.   This particular arrangement can be found on the debut recording from the group Moss (of which Lauren and Peter Eldridge are members).  Arranged by Lauren and Peter Eldridge, it is a looser script on vocal writing, almost chamber like, the anthem is a beautiful ride for both the ensemble and audience alike.  


Included in the purchase is a chart for the Trio (piano, bass and drums) and the recording performed by Moss.  Rehearsal tracks are available for an additional $35.  See the product in the store listings. 


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me:

There Alone Go I - SATB

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