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Avalon - "Poetric tracks that shape a pastiche that is hip, intelligent and vibrant
- Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

Circle in a Square - A Triumph!  The next time someone tells you that modern music is soulless, does not "speak" to the human condition, refer them to "Circle In A Square."  Lauren Kinhan and her ensemble has created music that  artfully and splendidly avoids labels such as jazz, pop or funk; this is music that connects on multiple levels with grace, fire and a mature understanding of how one navigates through the shifty terrain of modern life.
- Step Tempest, Richard B. Kamins

A Sleepin Bee - 41/2 Stars, - Downbeat, Michael C. Bailey
It's a work rich with invention and focused intentions, neither fitting nor breaking a mold, but rather, reshaping one...Every single song in this collection hits a sweet spot of a different sort, but the most pleasing aspect of the recording is how it uncovers the stripped-down, soulful side of Kinhan's voice.
- All About Jazz, Dan Bilawsky