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"Here Comes the Son" speaks to the 2022 overturning of Roe vs. Wade and how the United States is quickly moving from Pro Choice to Anti Woman. This anthem, written shortly after the leaked draft from SCOTUS stands in protest and calls it a betrayal of trust of the 50.5% of the population who hold up the sky. Singer/songwriter/producer Renee Cologne brings an electronic edge and hypnotic point of view to the track that focuses the subject matter right in the center of the kick drum. Strings and dramatic shifts balance the mission, and the spoken word at the end expresses in no uncertain terms the real crime, the war against women on their own soil perpetrated by their own people. Freedom of Choice is a Human Right. Oppression of woman is a Crime Against Humanity. Music and Lyrics by Lauren Kinhan Produced and Mixed by Renee Cologne String arrangement, programming and instruments by Renee Cologne Piano, Kari Steinart Vocals and Vocal Arrangement by Lauren Kinhan Additional Vocals by Ella Marcus and Hannah Chiappine Mastered by Renee Cologne Video by Lauren Kinhan

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