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Protest with Art

And Getting into Some Good Trouble

I wrote this song shortly after the leak from the SCOTUS that Roe vs. Wade would indeed be overturned. Most of us suspected it would anyway, but still that mortar shell broke a part of me that I had no idea could be broken anymore. You see, this fight has never been about Pro or Anti Choice, this is about Pro or Anti Woman. We are squashing all the beautiful things in our society these days, because they threaten the smaller minded thinking of the theocratic, originalist Constitution thumpers.

I don't have answers, I have ideas. For one, I believe these are illegitimate rulings because they are merging religion and State, and by virtue, they should be thrown out like the garbage rulings they are.

And I believe they are meant to do so much profound harm to women, families, and large swaths of people so that the religious right's path to rule from the pulpit and pew are cleared for further power grabs. It's a business. And we have laws for these kinds of monopolies that we should use. Tax the church, take away their nonprofit status. They are in it for the money and power, their goodwill dried up with the hospitals they erected.

So, back to the song. For me, it's simple, the inspiration clear cut. I have a 20 year old daughter and she is going to have the same opportunities I had, frankly, she is supposed to be enjoying more. Alas, Democracy is not as absolute and enduring as we would think, and the conservative trend is coming to disempower and disavow the people of the United States with the court and the cross as their weapon.

"Here Comes the Son" is the third song in a series of Pro Women compositions that have burst from my body and brain during the pandemic. It is the most unapologetic and for that, I am not sorry. I reached out to my dear friend from Berklee who is a gifted singer/songwriter/producer, Renee Cologne. I expressed wanting a more electronic constant pulse with lots of drama and mysterioso. She delivered in spades and with the help of extra backing vocals from my daughter Ella Marcus and her fellow Boston Conservatory mate Hannah Chiappine and a haunting piano thrush from Kari Steinart, the track and song were born.

I created a simple lyric video anchoring it with the upside down flag which represents being in distress and in danger. I can't think of a more succinct image that says it all in one fell swoop. You can find the song and video on my website.

We have made the song a free download and for that we ask you to consider making a donation to causes such as Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily's List and The Center for Reproductive Rights. Plain and simple, this is the intention of protesting with art - galvanizing energies in shared belief systems and channeling them to places and organizations who are equipped to represent them.

Thank you for reading. Protest with whatever gifts you hold. Let's move energy to right this devastating wrong and ensure women across the United States are free to live their own best version of their lives.

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