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Vocal Gumbo - Remembering Why We Do It

On November 11th we ran Vocal Gumbo Episode #17 ripe with gorgeous artists and spunky banter from your hosts, Janis Siegel and myself. It felt good to put another feast for the eyes and ears out to the universe. Not all of the world is back to normal. Live performances are happening and absolutely wonderful, but we are still dealing with the need to work, connect and share to those of you that aren't venturing out so robustly, and for the artists that still want to stay visible and connected.

Seated at my bar in my house, candles lit and pumpkins and gourds scattered about, we bounced from artist to artist with such delight. Featured in this show were Mark Kibble, Raul Midon, La Tanya Hall, Liane Carroll, Maytree (vocal group) and young artist Georgia Heers. The guest artist instrumentalists were Andy Milne, Jay Graydon, Martin Bejerano and Addison Frei. Our two collaborations, one arranged and performed with Mark Kibble and the other an original song celebrating Women in Business featuring videos from women in the workforce were reminders of why Janis and I love the collaborative process so much.

If you thinking you might like to catch this episode, we are leaving it up until November 14th on our Vocal Gumbo website for you to enjoy. And if you feel inclined to make a contribution to our production, we'd love it. We pay small honorariums and 10% of the gross goes to a charity of our choice. This month we are donating to Society for Singers - an organization that provides financial support to the musician community with dignity and grace. So go ahead and lean into those bits of promise and hope.

Go to to find the show and slot it into your weekend's viewing calendar.

Love and Gratitude,


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