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Happy 2022 - You Know What To Do - VOTE

Are you ready? Here we are, at the top of another year and it's go time. Gotta reinvigorate ourselves for continued adapting and surviving with a healthy dose of positivity and vigilance. Can you do it for the third year in a row? It's not like the diet trend that comes with every calendar's end, it's more like looking for energy to keep going in a world that's disrupting everything you've ever known and held dear.

For those of us who are not brown or black, I feel a pronounced weariness of living in a world where I don't identify, only how can my frustration even compare. It can't. And it begs the question, how do we keep positive and manifesting good when it feels like the level of crazy and hate is superceding intellect and inclusiveness? Well, that's what radicalization looks like, we just never thought that it would be happening in our cities and suburbs. Surely that happens in other places, right? Nope. They want their rules.....and your body. They want their guns....and your kid's life. They want their religion....and not yours (really). They want their health.....and not the mask/vax. They want their words....and not the truth. They want their kind....and not yours. It just doesn't feel like we live in a world where cooperation can happen with this kind of discord and fundamental disagreement.

So supporting and winning the Freedom to Vote Act is the paramount focus in 2022. Senator Warnock made an amazing case for swapping this issue with the stalled Build Back Better, and I quite agree. We are absolutely no where if voting for everyone, everywhere isn't possible, easy and safe. We have many heroes out there on the front line doing the heavy lifting. Michelle Obama's When We All Vote is one organization to join. Stacey Abrams is a warrior I hope will have a long and powerful career representing and empowering all voices to vote. Join her Fair Fight campaign. And any and all involvement in your local politics will help make sure your voice is heard and there are witness' in the room.

My industry can certainly be the disruptor and make art to keep the dialogue on the tips of our tongues and in front of our eyes, but there has to be more I can do in 2022. I will continue to write songs that lean into the subject matter, that will never change, but maybe there are other ways to direct this messaging....? Will you join me in keeping the conversations awkward and honest? Will you share your ideas and offer suggestions to the individual citizen on how to be a fighter in the midst? I'd be happy to share this proactive information, as well.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you will join my mailing list so you can be a part of my creative mission, passionate and unapologetic. It's the only way to fly.

Love, Lauren

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