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Welcome to my new Website

Websites are like closets, you have to clean them out and make room for new stuff, new ways to see your things, new ways to get excited about getting dressed and seizing the day. I wanted to create something that told my story much better, expressed how much I love what I do and allowed a window into the interior. I wanted a place that had all my artistic, videos, events and offerings in one place, and I wanted a place that I could blog, create a community away from social media platforms to talk about the things I am passionate about. I'm of a certain age, and with that comes a combination of wisdom and being out of step with what all the kids are doing. And that's a good thing, because youth is not the only trend setter in keeping art vibrant. In fact, the more we hear from our elders, the more we learn about what is ahead for us as we grow into our older artistic personas. I can't say I've ever been a follower, but now maybe even more so, its fun to agitate and elevate the art and the conversations. I feel as vital as ever and want to keep asking my imagination and knowledge to keep up with my ambition. And while ambition is not always a word that correlates with economic renumeration, I still need and want to make things. So here's the place where you will find me....on the corner of art and curiosity.....rotating my closet, emptying boxes, adding new pieces and keeping the door open.

Take a look around and let me know what you think.

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